Top 10 Websites for General Freelance Jobs

Millions of individuals and small business owners rely on freelance job sites to find work online. Be it simple data entry and web research or content writing, programming, website designing and development etc. Freelance sites may be niche specific or they may allow users to post work related to literally any topic they like.
Whether you need to hire someone or you yourself are looking for work, here is a list of top 10 job sites freelance for you.

Number 1 :

Indeed, it gathers all the jobs on the interwebs and places them all in one place. They are easy to search through and it's a piece of cake to look specifically for remote jobs. If you are open to working at a local business, you can also search for that. Best of all it's free of charge!

Number 2 :

Forget to sell the dusty couch for your grandma, Craigslist also has a pretty great job posting section. You don't get the security of a website that holds the customer accountable, so setting up a contract (or meeting in person, if possible) is an excellent idea, but most people posting are looking for work done as quickly as possible. If you want to look through remote jobs, here's a hack: go to the corresponding Craigslist for major cities and thereby search for remote work. You are welcome to do so.

Number 3 :

Fiverr gets its name from the design of its site: each job starts at $5. It sounds low but you can set up levels above the $5 base option which adds up quickly! It is also a great way to get your portfolio started and build up.

Number 4 :

Freelancer is a massive freelance jobs website with millions of freelance jobs and millions of professional freelancers ready to bid on your projects.Time is money, as a freelancer. Which means you are missing out on revenue if you spend hours each week hunting down new freelance jobs instead of doing billable client work.

Number 5 :

Two leading platforms once existed for landing freelance jobs: oDesk and Elance. Their two kingdoms eventually combined to create a large, peaceful marketplace for people to land freelance jobs from clients around the world. Enter: Work in. As a result, this site is huge for freelancing jobs. They have over 12 million freelancers and 5 million customers who each year list up to 3 million freelance jobs. Nearly exactly every freelancer can find their niche here, but beware: Upwork takes a 20 percent cut until you build a regular customer relationship.

Number 6 :

Guru makes it easy to create a profile that shows your experience, making it easier for potential employers to contact, while also wading through the massive amounts of job posts that are made every day. They give a decent amount of free applications, rationed by the year and charge a commission of around 9 percent.

Number 7 :

This is a very well-curated site not only for freelance jobs but also for gigs that are remote and otherwise flexible. It's sorted by the type of freelance job you may want (or otherwise), and you're not going to have to worry about scam posts because they're looking for jobs and monitoring new gigs quite thoroughly. However, as I'm sure you guessed, it's not free if you want to get regular access to their freelance jobs.

Number 8 :

Launched in 2000, ServiceScale is a global freelancers marketplace with a variety of skills and experience — with a focus on graphic design, writing, editing, and translation. To date, they have had over 300,000 projects completed with more than 86,000 clients who have used the platform.
ServiceScape is a great website for freelancing work with startups and SMBs that are already outsourcing-friendly online. ServiceScape is a great place to spend some time and apply to projects that work for you if you have the skills and experience.

Number 9 :

CloudPeeps may be for you if you have a great portfolio and feel like you have the experience to start at a higher level. They are somewhat more exclusive, making it more difficult to join but easier to get jobs if you get accepted. They focus on the marketing, social media, and copywriting in general. Worth checking out!

Number 10 :

Student, or graduate? Browse this site to see what kind of freelance part-time jobs will pop up within your degree. These will be great beginner jobs that will bring you experience and, hopefully, contacts for future employment.

Conclusion :

There are many sites of freelance , but in this article i try to pick the best onesfor you and I have chosen in by using the order in Alexa ranking
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