What is ExpressCrypto ? MicroWallet

What is ExpressCrypto ?  

ExpressCrypto is a new MicroWallet which will allow you to group payments from Faucets and PTCs who will offer it as a payment method like Faucethub. ExpressCrypto is a brand new cryptocurrency micro wallet powered by Express Group. You can earn from different ways (Offerwalls, Games, Faucet, Chat..), we offer also exchanger where you can deposit and withdraw coins with super low fees powered with coinmarketcap rate.
ExpressCrypto , as a micro wallet, supports 20 crypto currencies and has a list of 2125 sites that pay directly to its system. she has also an exchanger, 11 Offerwalls (including surveys and PTC), and 4 games ( Bingo, Royal Dice BTC, Royal Dice DOGE, and Lottery). In addition ExpressCrypto offers 2 integrated Faucets and an exchange and some cryptocurrencies

1- Introduction :  
Expresscrypto seems to us the only truly complete project at the moment, the only one able to remember FaucetHub. Lots of crypto available,  thousands of active faucets, plus other methods like gaming, paid to click offers and services. EC also allows you to exchange and sell your own cryptocurrencies from one currency to another (limit of $ 20 per day). ExpressCrypto has already been adopted by the famous ad network a-ads.com and by many top sites in the industry  (such as Donkeymails and MyFreeShares). If you are looking for an alternative to FaucetHub, ExpressCrypto is probably the first choice now.

2- General information :
Owner : Express Group
Countries Accepted : There are no restrictions from any country, all countries are accepted.
Year Website Started : 2019
Minimum Payout : 0.00015 BTC(15,000 Satoshi), 0.05 BCH (500,000 Satoshi) 0.01 LTC(1,000,000 Litoshi), 25 DOGE and Other crypto currency
Payment Processors : Coinbase, Coins.ph, Blockchain, Coinwallets, Dogechain, Cryptonator and Other bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and other crypto currency wallets
Payment Waiting Time : With in 24 hours to be processed after submitting your request
Withdrawal Fee : The fee you pay is fixed and depends on the crypto currency you withdraw (BTC - 500 Satoshi, Dogecoin - 0.25 Doge, LTC - 50,000 Litoshi etc)
Referral Earnings : 10% of their Offerwall earnings
Members : 85968 users until now
Ranking alexa : 14,433
3- Features :
ExpressCrypto is packed with features that will make you feel safe :
  • Generous Referral Program : Refer your friends and get up to 10% of what they earn for life
  • Borderless Access : website is accessible in all the world, there is no restriction
  • Fully Protection : Connect with full protection via SSL secure connection
  • Multiple Easy Withdrawal Options : Make money and submit withdrawal request with multiple options
  • Secure Wallet : Your funds are secured with advanced Encrypted Algorithm
  • Easy To Sell and Buy : Sell and Buy cryptocurrency via our exchange

1. Create your ExpressCrypto account by clicking the button below and fill up the necessary data needed:
2. Confirm email then log in to your account.
3. On the member's dashboard area, you need to check and remember your  unique Id because it's the only thing you need to withdraw your faucets balances into your ExpressCrypto account.

4. Below the "Dashboard" button, Click on the "Wallet Addresses" button to link your Deposit and Withdraw addresses. Withdraw addresses is your crypto currency wallets like Coinpayments wallet, Coins.ph wallet, Blockchain wallet, Dogechain wallet etc. where you want to withdraw or receive your crypto currency coins from ExpressCrypto.

5- How to earn BTC, BCH, LTC, DOGE and more cryptos  ?
There are many ways to earn more cryptos and here you can found some way help you to earn :
1. Claiming from faucets : "Click here" for my list of Top and Paying Faucets.
2. Chat rains : You can earn free coins from generous member's rain. This is voluntary.
(Note: No system rains)
3. Offerwalls : Completing surveys, Watching videos, Doing some tasks, Clicking Paid To Click ads and many more.
4. Games : Bingo, Royal Dice - BTC, Royal Dice - Doge & Lottery  - Check the games section since each game has different and exciting features.
5. Daily Rankings : The Top 10 highest earners from Fauceting, Offerwalls will win huge rewards.
6. Exchange : Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies Instantly in just a couple of clicks.
7. Leveling Up : Earn free coins as rewards every time you level up.
You can level up by: Fauceting, Gambling, Offerwalls etc.
. Receive 1 ECP(Express Crypto Points - more like of experience poinst to lvl up) for every lottery ticket bought
  • Receive 1 ECP for every bet in Dice greater than or equal to 10 Satoshi
  • Receive1 ECP for every Bingo Game
  • Receive 3 ECP for every claim from faucets
  • Receive 5 ECP per PTC(Paid To Click from Offerwall section) and
  • Receive 50 ECP per Offerwall completed.
6- Other Thinks to knwo about ExpressCrypto
 There are 20 Crypto Currencies available : Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bytecoin, Dash, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Litecoin, Monero, Neo, Peercoin, Potcoin, Ripple, Stratis, Tron, Waves, Zcash, Ex-Gold & Ex-Silver

Note : Ex-Silver and Ex-Gold are ExpressCrypto's ingame or sites's
exclusive currency. What is the use of these 2 currencies check below.
  • Exchange is based on real-time rate so it varies everytime.
  • Exchange fee is fixed at 5% for all coins except for Ex-Silver and Ex-Gold. It means : If you sell EXG(Ex-Gold) or EXS(Ex-Silver) you will not pay any fee even it show there is fee.
  • All offerwall rewards are in either Ex-Gold or Ex-Silver.
  • The easiest to complete are: 
  • Paid To Click
  • Asia Mag
  • Jungle
  • Followed by surveys on the other offerwalls since survey's availability varies due to different reasons, can be location or personal data and preferences.
  • Join Daily Ranking from Fauceting, Offerwalls and the Top 10 rankers will win huge Ex-Gold rewards
Withdrawal :
  • After submitting your withdrawal request, check your email for the confirmation link, then click it to verify that it was you who submitted the withdrawal. It will be marked pending then will be marked sent(Payment sent).

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