Your Guide to the way to earn free money online by PTC site

We know many people asking , how can i earn earn big money online from PTC and faucet site like many other people , So if you are like some question , you are in right place just follow me this article and i will show you how you can do that step by step 

1. Introduction
2. How to get direct referrals on PTC sites?
2.1. How to choose which PTC site to promote?
2.2. How to find new PTC sites?
2.3. Opening a website/blog to promote PTCs
2.4. Promoting your PTC blog/website
2.5. Exclusive method to promote your referral links
3. Conclusion and forum invitation


Congratulations! i will give you a method that will help your earnings grow. Instead of pennies you will now earn big dollars! But that depends on how much you are prepared to work for it. If you are willing to give your 110%, your monthly bills will be paid by your extra online income coming from PTC sites. If you are willing to go that extra mile, say good bye to your daily job. After more than 4 years in PTC industry I've tried it all and I'm now here to share my experiences. I will tell you what's actually working and what's not. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars like I did to only find that some tactics do not work and are a waste of money. I've earned enough with this method and still earn but a lot of people leave PTC sites thinking that it's a waste of time. When less people are active in PTC sites, many sites close and I earn less. That's why I wanted to share this amazing experience with all of you! But not many copies! In this article I will teach you how to find legit paying PTC sites, referrals for your PTC sites and where to advertise your referral links. Most importantly I will show you HOW to advertise referral links. You will also learn a few PTC secrets that are not for public.


If you’re just a beginner in PTC industry and you don't have enough funds to rent or buy referrals, there is always an option to get some direct referrals easily. That way you can earn good money on any PTC site. We will teach you some good methods in this article ! So let's get started, shall we?

When a PTC site (will be referred simply as ‘PTC’ later in text) is new, or in the best case - just launched, it’s fairly easy to get a lot of direct referrals. This doesn’t mean you should start promoting every new PTC that appears, instead, you should do some research to find out if the site is legit. You can easily tell if a website is an instant scam. If it doesn't have a discussion board, that means they can do whatever they want with your account and money and no one would ever notice it. On the other hand if they have a forum, that means they’re serious about their business. You can post your issue and admin(s) should help you, if not, your unsolved problem is visible to the public and that’s a big minus for them. Also, if a PTC site consistently misspells words in its content or uses bad grammar, you can conclude owners are not serious and it would be best if you avoid that site.

The web design is another reflection of how serious is the owner of the PTC. If you see a default script design, avoid that website because that most probably means the admin doesn't have enough money to pay you at all. A sign of poor budget of a PTC site is also reflected in domain and in hosting. Neither of these should be free! If the owner doesn't have money to buy a real domain, where would he get the money to pay his/her members? The key of every PTC site is it's sustainability. If a PTC gives $0.01 per click, 50% for referral click and sells 1000 visits for $5 that's unsustainable! (1000*0.01)+(1000*0.01*50%)=15$, which means they don't profit from the ads at all, quite contrary they are losing it and just want to get members’ money by selling premium memberships. After you have reviewed all on-site factors of the PTC site you want to join and promote, it’s time to do some Google research before starting anything. Type the site’s name into Google (or better: “site’s name scam”), and go through some results and check if there are any legit complaints about the website or its owner. All this theory was about newly launched PTCs, but don’t think you can’t get referrals for some trusted established sites! Finding these sites is easy, they are mostly promoted at the top of all PTC blogs. Check them out, see if the payment proofs are still being posted on the forums, when the website was started and if there was any problems in the past, if everything is ok go ahead and join!

I’ve showed you how to tell if a website will be a scam in the near future or not, but I haven’t showed you where to find those new sites, have I? This is quite simple actually. If you visit some popular PTC sites multiple times a day, on their “Click ads” page you can will spot new sites getting promoted there. Just check them out, join and get ready to promote them yourself.
Another good method is to read PTC forums (e.g. All those forums have a “New PTCs” board where topics about new PTC sites are posted at least 5 times a day!

The best way, and probably the only way to nicely organize all PTCs you’re promoting and present them to your potential referrals is to open a blog, or if you want something more advanced - a website. To explain more, what I’m thinking here is that you should start a blog where you will post a list of PTCs you want to get referrals for. As simple as it sounds, it will certainly take you some time to tweak that list so it looks more professional. Read the following paragraphs to find out how to create your blog, and how to make your list clean and user friendly.

While some of you reading this eBook might be already good at web design, some might be complete newbies. However, I will cover a quick tutorial on how to create a blog just in case. So, while a totally unique website would be more appealing to your visitors, a simple blog wouldn’t be bad at all. You can use popular services like Blogger or Wordpress, where you can open a blog for free. That’s right, no need to pay for web hosting, and you even get a subdomain for free. Opening a blog on these sites is easy as 1, 2, 3. You just need to signup, select your blog name (make sure you include ptc in the name for search engine visits) and you’re ready to post. But before posting, I suggest you do a little Google search and find some free Blogger/Wordpress templates that will make your blog different from the competitors. is a website I would suggest you to find templates if you decide to open a blogger. They even have a simple tutorial on how to install their templates! Now that you have your blog setup, it’s time to insert some content into it. A lot of people make mistakes by just inserting a bunch of referral links and banners into their blog. In my opinion this is really bad. I would suggest you make few categories of PTCs you’re promoting, e.g. “New PTCs”, “Trusted PTCs” and also include a list of “Scam PTCs”, this will show your visitors that you care what you’re promoting. Another important thing is to write a small review of each PTC. Write about clickrates, PTC’s TOS etc.

There are many ways to receive a free promotion for your website or blog. One of many is called traffic exchange. At traffic exchange websites you will view different websites and earn credits. These credits can later be used to promote your blog. There are many traffic exchange websites that give you 1/3 or 1/2 credit per website viewed. Some PTC sites also have this feature, mostly PTC sites that use auroraGPT script. I recommend starting with It's an excellent traffic exchange site that pays you when you visit other sites and at the same time receive credits to promote your blog. Often when new PTC sites start with low click rates, they give out free advertising credits on sign up! These sites can be spotted early at different PTC forums. Use the free advertising credits to promote your blog once you find a PTC like that to join.

You can also exchange links/banners with other blog owners. When you have some visitors, I'm sure the other blog/website owners will be happy to exchange with you. It's a win/win situation. Just don't try to exchange links/banners with the top PTC blogs. They won't exchange unless you have a very popular blog. If you are an active forum user, be sure to create a simple yet attractive banner and put it in your signature! Some forums only allow text link, that's also fine. If you are an active poster, many people will see your signature and some will even click at it. Be creative when you add a text link, the text should be attractive for the other people at the forum. When the free promotion is done and you started to earn money from your referrals it's time to go to the next step. The best and most effective advertising is the one you must pay for. There are thousands of PTC sites that provide some kind of advertising that is very cheap but only a few are actually good. For example, 1000 PTC visitors are never worth $20 if you just want to promote your blog. One single sign up will be very expensive with that kind of advertising. $10 on the other hand can be worth it sometimes. I will share some good sites with you where you can advertise and receive many sign ups cheap. Firstly, Wordlinx, the advertising is a little expensive but the members that click there are hardworking and if you manage to get them as your referrals, you will be happy with them for a very long time. Clixsense is probably the only PTC site that was promoted on television! They have a lot of English speaking members and the advertising with micro ads start only at $4.

There are also other ways to promote at PTC sites. Almost every PTC site sells banner spots. Finding effective banners for sale is very hard but one has been very effective for me. That banner is located below ads. The banner is very expensive and cost $12 every day but a lot of people will come to your blog. To advertise a banner at NeoBux you will need to contact their support team at I'm sure you can find many other sites that will show your banner for less, one page I recommend for that is At you can browse their most popular websites, read how much banner advertising cost and where the banner is located. PTC sites that use ptc-evolution script often have featured link ads. These text links will be rotated for a whole month and they are absolutely worth the low price they cost if the site is very popular. An example of that is, the featured link ads receive hundreds of clicks every day and yet they cost only $10 per month.

Having your own PTC website is a big advantage when promoting other PTCs. However, making and managing a PTC is not that easy, I will probably write an eBook on how to build and sustain a PTC in the future. But for now, I have an excellent solution for you. You may or may not heard of, the website where you can get a domain, hosting and installed PTC script for just $25. A lot of people think BuxHost PTCs are instant scams, and I would agree in most cases too, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot people that think the opposite. With just $25, and extra $20 you can launch your own PTC and promote it for cheap in few low click rates PTCs. With that money from my experience, if you select cheap advertising (Clicksia, PPlinx, Incentria etc.) you could get from 500 to 1000 members. Now, this doesn’t mean that’s just 1000 referrals, think outside the box. You can promote hundreds of new PTCs like we showed you to your members by adding your referral links to “View Ads” page, and get tons of referrals for each one of those. Important thing is to make your BuxHost PTC sustainable. Don’t give too much cents per click, see how many referrals you can get and how much they will earn you, and then adjust click rates so your members don’t earn more then what you earn daily from all PTCs you are promoting. This is not too hard to do, you just need to read stats! Also, I forgot to mention, be sure to have some bucks in your payment processors if you need to pay some members at the start, so you show them you’re trusted.


Now that you have learned all most important things about PTCs that you probably didn’t know before, from seeing if a PTC is an instant scam to exclusive methods for referring, it’s time for you to start earning! Go on, create that blog if you don’t have it already or tweak it as per my advice, join some PTCs by using my methods and start promoting! When purchasing my eBook, you must have noticed that you will also be getting an exclusive forum invitation where Admin account is used by me and several other PTC experts. On the Thank You page, after purchasing you got the details on how to join this forum. If you’re not activated yet, please wait up to 48h until I approve your account! After that feel free to ask us anything about PTC or maybe some other money making methods. But that’s not all, you will have more benefits, e.g. a list of trusted PTC sites that are paying for quite some time, or a list of new PTC sites that we think will be a good money maker!
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